Enjoy great tasting, ice-cold milk, smoothies & juice.
At lunch or on the go. Your secret ingredient is myColdCup.



During the day, your child needs a bottle that is easy to hold, easy to open and close, and easy to drink from...
At the end of the day, you want a bottle that is super easy to clean.



Wide opening makes hand washing easy to do
Smart seal means no hard to reach places for cleaning
and no small parts to get lost


Hygienic stainless steel inside, BPA free,
food grade polypropylene #5 lid and medical grade HDPE #2 freeze stick. The highest quality materials for long term performance


Deep chill! The only cup on the market that makes drinks even colder than the fridge for the first few hours of use.



No waiting in a cafeteria line to buy milk
means more time to enjoy lunch


With an extra freeze stick, myColdCup is always ready for use (for those crazy mornings when you discover the cup was not washed the night before)


myColdCup is a Cold milk transporter – from fridge to cup to school

The sum of over half a decade of design and engineering by experts in thermal technology



You spend time packing a healthy lunch, hoping it will all be eaten.
With myColdCup, nutritious better tasting cold drinks mean fewer unfinished lunches


Your Choice

Powerful dual purpose: remove freeze stick and myColdCup keeps hot drinks hot


You can choose to send any drink to school


Reduce peer pressure among students for less healthy choices.

Green smoothie? Cold white milk? Hot chocolate? No one will know.


At school, unfinished milk cartons are simply emptied and thrown out or recycled. You never know how much your child actually drank.
When myColdCup comes home empty, you know your child had a good drink for lunch.



Buying milk through the school can be expensive, especially if you have two kids in school.

All product components are recyclable

Designed by a Canadian company for everyday use