Why myColdCup?

  • Keeps drinks ice cold for 6 hours
  • 250ml - just right for lunch
  • Extra wide opening - easy to hand wash inside
  • Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Freeze stick easily removed to place in freezer overnight for next day use
  • Great value for money
  • No BPA or Phthalates


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16oz myColdCup is coming soon! (with amazing new features)

 Healthy School Lunch

Invest $26 for a myColdCup .... and save $480!! With myColdCup ... double the time your child has to eat lunch!
myColdCup can save $60/yr compared to milk bought at school.
For 8 yrs of elementary school, that's a savings of $480!
Waiting in cafeteria lines at US elementary schools can take up half of the allowed lunch break!
Pack lunch and a myColdCup drink, presto, no line ups, plenty of time to finish lunch!
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Finally kids can have a fresh, cold drink for lunch at school that actually tastes great! Any drink that requires refrigeration can now be brought to school and safely kept for lunch time. Whatever your kids want to drink - dairy, soy, organic milk, smoothies, fruit juices, veggie drinks, ethnic drinks, and yogurt drinks - the drink will taste best because it is fresh and cold! Even with allergies, students can be part of the regular class group, as they can bring their favourite drink for lunch. With no BPA or phthalates, parents love the convenience of myColdCup. They can be confident that their kids' drink is fresh and cold without the fridge!

People love myColdCup!

"My 8 yr old daughter loves her myColdCup. Each day, when she gets home from school she washes it herself so it will be ready for the next day. This is unlike her as she does not look after other things like this. She knows that I (her mother) sometimes forget things (due to a hectic and unpredictable work schedule). She wants to be sure the cup will be ready for school each day and to make sure it will, she cleans it herself."

“I bought a cup for my son who loves cold milk. I didn’t think my daughter would want one as she does not drink much milk. However, both want it, so they have been sharing it. One takes it to school one day, and the other child takes it the next day. We might have to invest in another cup.”
(Update 3 months later:) “The kids now battle over the cup every morning, so we would like to buy another one.”

"Ike loves his cup! It's super!"

"The cup is great - Gab is finishing his milk every day. He loves his milk cold!"

"My son tried it for the first time and this was his reaction: “Wow, this is cold. The milk tastes so good." A minute later, "This milk is better than milk at school."

"Every day, before heading off to half-day soccer camp, my son wants to make sure that I will be bringing the cup with milk when I come to pick him up."

"The cups are a hit."